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First Class

Like all the transport clients we work with, we drive ourselves to deliver a first class service, 24/7. With our team of highly qualified experts working on a fixed-fee basis, you'll find our service is just the ticket.

LAW understand the challenges of the transport sector.

With record levels of investment in the UK’s roads, railways, ports and airports, the transport sector is currently experiencing a boom.  However, it also continues to face a number of significant challenges including ever rising fuel costs and, of course, Brexit.  Brexit will, itself, cause headaches throughout the sector as it will impact on border control, legislation and will lead to tighter immigration - thereby likely reducing the pool of available labour.

The transport industry in the UK is a vital part of our infrastructure and there is a fundamental need to be prepared for the changing tides.  With a thorough understanding of the numerous and often complex risks facing businesses operating in the sector, we are ideally placed to help protect your business.  Our team have a wealth of knowledge on employment law challenges which affect the sector including (but definitely not limited to) TUPE, working time regulations, trade union matters and recruitment. 

We are here to help you manage risks effectively, while maintaining a commercial view.  We help ensure informed decision-making and mitigate financial or other losses.

In addition, the transportation sector continues to be a major cause of fatal and major injuries and every year there are over 5,000 incidents involving the sector.  About 50 of these result in fatalities.  Far too many business are unaware of the legal requirements stipulated in the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.  In addition, even for low-risk businesses, current estimates suggest that up to one third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is at work at the time.  For clients who are not in the traditional transport sector, like schools, LAW have carried out high-risk road safety risk assessments to ensure significant risks are controlled within sensible cost allocation.

With regular incidents in transportation making the news headlines, it is unsurprising that larger fines are being issued.  LAW's primary focus is to ensure that you have safe sites, safe vehicles, safe drivers, and safe passengers.


As a leading passenger transport business operating one of the UK's busiest rail franchises, it is crucial that we have expert advice on employment law.  Law At Work are a personal, professional partner to our organisation and their team is approachable, pragmatic and highly knowledgeable.  Our employment solicitor and the entire LAW legal team have our business and our goals clearly in mind.  My wider HR team also have access to the LAW legal team which means DLR can manage issues quickly and decisively, even in my absence.  As a rail firm we are heavily unionised which requires careful navigation; LAW have guided us safely through several consultations, TUPE situations and various union matters.  I would strongly recommend Law At Work to other companies involved in the sector.

HR and Transformation Director, Docklands Light Railway

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